The Mulled Wine Tournament

Svařák 2012 - Kýsa bere zlatoThere is a saying that says, „sometimes life throws you a curve ball“ and this day was definitely like that. A day that was forecasted to be sunny and 15 degrees got thrown a curve ball as instead it was extremely foggy and about 6 degrees. Nevertheless there was some slowpitch to be played by some hearty players warmed by the running of bases and by the delicious mulled wine prepared graciously by Linda R.

Pardubice Pasos, Wayne’s World, Tahla Police N.M., and Ramovka (mix of players) all took to the field in hopes of winning the 1st place trophy and bragging rights of this chilly October day.

The first match saw Wayne’s World take on the challenge of Ramovka and through the thick fog Wayne and his merry mix of men and women carved out a 9-5 victory and gaining a valuable 2 points. As the fog lifted slightly, Tahla took to the field to compete against Pasos. The cold seemed to help Tahla as Pasos had a few errant throws and small mistakes which allowed Tahla to take a bit of a commanding lead. Pasos tried to fight back but Tahla would eventually prevail 11-6 with the help of timely hits including a home run. So after the first 2 matches Wayne’s World and Tahla led with 2 points and Ramovka and Pasos picked their wounds with 1point each.

The next two matches would set the stage what would turn out to be the pivotal match. The 3rd match saw a battle between the 2 earlier victorious teams. Unfortunately for Tahla, Wayne had his crew spinning on all cylinders as Wayne’s World took care of business by the score of 7-1 and hoisted them into 1st with 4 points. Tahla would take solace with 1 point and a momentary spot holding down 2nd with 3 points. The 4th match that saw pitching and defense take over in a tightly contested match between 2 teams looking for their first victory. Ramovka thought they were headed to a celebration until Pasos snatched victory from the mouth of defeat. Coming from behind in the last 2 innings Pasos pulled out a tough well earned victory 5-4 which propelled them into a tie for 2nd with Tahla with 3 points. Ramovka was still looking for their first victory and looking to play the role of spoilers.

With 4 points and 3 points respectively, Wayne’s World and Pasos took to the chilly, wet and foggy field to battle for 1st place. Win and Wayne’s World would be undefeated and be crowned champions. A win for Pasos would create a tie for first and a waiting game would begin. Wayne’s assembled crew took an early lead and it looked like nothing could stop them. However just as quickly as a curve changes direction Pasos wouldn’t quit and with timely hitting from all players they began to claw back from a 5-1 deficit. Still trailing as they took their last at bats, Pasos pressed hard on the pedal and with another timely hit by Pasos’s international recruit Steve Belzner (Canada), they scored the winning run as time expired to pull off the miraculous come from behind victory. The victory caused a tie at the top of the standings with both Pasos and Wayne’s World having 2-1 records and 5 points each. This set up an all important match between Ramovka and Tahla. This match was the final one of a chilly foggy day and turned out to be a surprise as Ramovka obtained their first win by a surprising 6-2 victory. As a result of Ramovka’s victory Pasos celebrated a tourney championship.

After a long day in not so perfect conditions the trophies were handed out with Pasos in 1st, Wayne‘ World 2nd and Ramovka finishing 3rd. Ondrej (Poza) from Pasos was voted best fielder and Kubajs from Wayne’s World was voted best hitter.

Though Mother Nature threw a curve ball, fun and sportsmanship won out and a very successful tournament was complete.

by Steve Belzner

1 Pasos Pardubice 3 2 1 17 : 20 4
2 Wayne's World 3 2 1 21 : 12 4
3 Ramovka 3 1 2 15 : 16 2
4 Táhla Police nad Metují 3 1 2 14 : 19 2
5 Panasonic 0 0 0 0 : 0 0